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Study MBBS In Philippines – Will MBBS from the Philippines be valid in 2022?

MBBS in philippines for Indian students

Study MBBS in Philippines: Following the announcement from CHED regarding the New NMC Gazette, MBBS from the Philippines is now accepted in INDIA. Because, The Philippine Curriculum has been changed from 48 to 54 months, according to the New Gazette published by CHED on August 31st, 2022. In addition, Students who pursue MBBS in the Philippines will receive a license to practice, just like Filipino citizens. So, Indian students have good news from the Philippines Ched.

NMC Approved Medical Colleges in Philippines:

Once, Check out the top and best colleges for MBBS in Philippines. Below are the List.

  1. Lyceum Northwestern University
  2. UV Gullas College of Medicine
  3. Davao Medical School Foundation
  4. University of Perpetual
  5. Our Lady of Fatima University

Philippines MBBS Duration:

As per CHED approval, the MBBS course duration has increased from 48 to 54 months. So, Indian students are in the safe zone with the CHED approval. This is a great win for the Indian people who fought for the change of MBBS course duration and a license to practice.

Is MBBS abroad good for Indian students?

All of the MBBS schools Abroad are QS-ranked, have reasonable university fees, and provide relatively better medical education. When compared to studying the same studies in India, an MBBS abroad is more valuable.

Which is the Best Country for MBBS for Indian students?


  1. Philippines
  2. Japan
  3. Russia
  4. China
  5. Poland
  6. Ukraine
  7. USA
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Kazikisthan
  10. Jamaica

Why MBBS in Philippines?

MBBS Fees In Philippines:

The cost of a Doctor degree varies depending on the university’s ranking in the Philippines. However, the majority of institutions will have a similar cost structure with minor variations. But, Lyceum University has the lowest tuition costs out of all the Philippines MBBS institutions.

Is Philippine Safe to Live?

There are many benefits to living in the Philippines, including a low cost of living, delectable native food, and an abundance of stunning beaches. There are many positive aspects of living here as an expat, but even seasoned foreigners may find it challenging to adapt to life in the Philippines. Based on the results of HSBC’s “Expat Explorer Survey,” which had been published, Forbes Magazine recognized the Top 15 Friendliest Countries. The Philippines was able to place first in Asia and in the Top 8 worldwide.

Lastly, You can to know How Philippines is great for MBBS education and Living conditions. For any assistance, Call way2overseas.

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